Jungian Analysis & Psychotherapy by Jacqueline Egli - Meetings

Frequency, length of meetings

I provide weekly sessions on the same, mutually agreed day, at the same time and location for 50 minutes each time. Sometimes it is advisable or desirable to book more than one session a week (2 to 5x weekly). This is something that can be discussed during your initial meeting or during the first few weeks while we explore what will benefit you most. Psychotherapy and analysis are long-term treatments. However, this does not mean I will always encourage to go down that route. There are times when long-term work is not suitable and when a short piece of work might bring enough relief.

Entering an in-depth psychotherapeutic or analytic journey requires full engagement in the process. It will be important to attend the meetings with regularity so as to minimise gaps. Questions regarding this and other matters can be explored during your initial meeting.


The cost of one session is discussed during the initial meeting. Some negotiation is possible depending on circumstances, particularly when agreeing on several sessions per week.
Fees are reviewed annually.

Languages Spoken

English, French, German & Swiss German.

Code of Ethics

I work to the BPC and BACP Codes of Ethics. See my Memberships for further information.